How to Receive God’s Love?

I was recently listening to a Christian music station on the radio when I heard the testimony of some famous Christian musician that pertained to us asking more of God than we generally ask. This particular Christian musician mentioned how she had asked God to show himself in such a way that would open the heart of a particular friend of hers. 

This all sounded great until I heard the following: 

Three months later, my friend gave me a call and asked, “What do I have to do to receive God’s love?”.

For many Christians, this testimony may open the floodgates and cause them to admire God all the more. Yet, for me, this made my heart cringe.

“What do I have to do to receive God’s love?”


Must we discover some secret act that prerequisites our receiving of God’s love? Does he refuse to love us until we do this or that? Or is he unable to love us until we choose to do something in particular? 

I certainly hope not!

A good father does not withhold his love until his child, whether prodigal or not, does this or that. Praise be to God that he loves us in spite of our works or lack thereof; anticipating our eventual return. 

Some may claim that we are not his children until we possess faith in Christ. What a cop out! Many may be known as children of the devil, but that is by their choice; not by his. Many may be children of the devil through their actions, but all of creation is the child of its Maker.

God loves us throughout our rebellion. He loves us in spite of our hostility toward him. This is precisely what draws us to the cross. Such a love will never end until all, in heaven and on earth, are reconciled by the blood of the cross. 

What must we do to receive God’s love?


You are loved.

His love has always been there and it always will be there; it will always be here. Whether you choose to come home now or not, you are loved. Yet, until you come home, you will not feel that love; neither will you thrive because of it until then.

You should not return so that you may receive his love. Rather, you should return because you are loved. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise . . . regardless of where you may be on you way to him.

If you are interested in learning more about how God’s love will not fail for the least of us, my book is available here. Feel free to comment below and share this blog and others with those who need to hear it.


2 thoughts on “How to Receive God’s Love?

  1. Yes God loves the world. For God SO loved the world. This was not a salve for us to apply to our dead in sins corpse in order to revive. I’m sure she was asking how to achieve a deeper, more mature relationship with her Lord, beyond a purposted list of dos and don’t. While we should love God. We should fear him. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. God in His love will save and prevent us from calamities we wish to bring on ourselves and others, even if it means taking the life of a believer to stop the destruction and consequences of sinful actions, but in order to, as Paul would say, deliver the flesh to satan for destruction but that the soul should be preserved. He loves us enough to take us away from here rather than let us wreak terrible havoc to ourselves and the christian community.
    Once more, there are no scriptures that teach that the quality of Love in God is the supreme quality or essence, ruling over all others, which are but minor qualities not a powerful or present or significant. God is Light, Truth, Just, Jealous, Wrathful, Merciful, Patient, Jealous, etc. etc. All of the qualities and more unmentioned define the nature of God. To myopically focus on Love to he exclusion of all others is idolatry. It’s making a false image of who God really is. It’s fine if you don’t like hell. But it’s in the bible, and no one talked about it more that Jesus. Deal with it.


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